Maxled floodlight 20W fail!

Hi there!

This is my very first blog, and today I would like to share with you my dissapointment (unfortunatelly) about LED light that I bought recently in one of the Lithuanian stores on 2017 autumn:

Maxled light (SMD) 20W
Maxled light 20W box (front)

It cost me some 20€ (approx. 24 $).

Maxled light 20W box (side)
Maxled light 20W box (side)

As advertised on the package it should serve me for ~50000 hours (~5.7 years). Unfortunatelly my unit ‘died’ after appox. 3 months of outdoor usage (autumn season) whereis positive temp. outside.

 Below are some teardown photos of the LED light:

Update(17/12/07): below you can see a pic of chineese waterproof  LED driver PCB after some black gunk removed: IMG_20171217_092742

LED driver is based on LED_driver_LIS8515 IC. Need to figure out what is wrong with this circuit…

My advice – stay away form these LED lights, as they are of questionable quality electronics and LEDs inside !